Skin Health Maintenance

This line of products is Dermalogica’s signature gray packaging products. These segment products are ideal for maintaining optimal skin health. When specific skin issues arise, look to the condition-specific products to effectively target your skin needs. All segmented products may be used in combination to custom fit a home regimen ideal for you.

Specific Concerns

Skin Aging:

AGE Smart segment products address the main biochemical triggers that lead to aging. Ideal for age prevention or premature aging due to sun exposure.

Adult Acne:

MediBac Clearing segment products help to treat, clear and prevent adult acne brought on by stress, hormones and heredity factors.


PowerBright TRx segment products address treatment and prevention of pigmentation imbalance and uneven skin tone. Delivers brighter, luminous skin through use of powerful peptides.

Sensitive Skin:

UltraCalming segment products address serious relief for sensitive or sensitized skin. Help to control inflammatory responses in the skin and maintain a healthy lipid barrier.

Sun Protection:

Daylight Defense segment products provide the latest in skin care science and SPF technology. Essential products for skin exposed to daylight.